What is the best way to win the Amazon Buy Box?

Amazon annual revenue for 2018 was $232.887 billion, a 30.93% increase compared to 2017(source). With 82% of purchases made from the Amazon Buy Box, winning the Buy Box is now necessary if you want to increase sales.

“How to win the Buy Box?” has always been one of the most frequently asked questions for both experienced and new Amazon sellers. There is no definite way to win the Buy Box, but BQool has some useful tips and advice to help you dominate the Buy Box and beat your competition.  

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

The Buy Box is the box on the right side of a product page where buyers can directly add items to their shopping carts by clicking the Add to Cart button.

Example of FBA product in the buy box

If there are multiple sellers selling the same item, sellers without the buy box will be listed in “Other Sellers on Amazon”.

Why does Amazon Buy Box matter to sellers?

As you can imagine, sellers hardly make sales without the Buy Box. Other than simply increasing sales, buy box also gives its owners the following benefits:

  • Sellers can increase product visibility to build a strong and positive brand reputation.
  • Winning the Buy box is also a good way to boost buyers confidence purchasing from you as buy box owners are often the sellers with better sales performance metrics.
  • Only one seller among all sellers selling the same product can win the Buy Box. There is less hassle for buyers to directly purchase the item from the buy box with a click and also make buyers think you are the exclusive sellers of a listing.

How to become Buy Box eligible? 

The Buy Box winner is chosen from a pool of eligible sellers who meet exceptional standards selected by Amazon’s complex and machine-learning algorithms. So before you try to win the Buy Box, you should check if you meet these essential criteria as follows:

  • Professional Seller account: Amazon offers two selling plans - Individual and Professional. Only sellers with a Professional Amazon Sellers are eligible to win the Buy Box.
  • Buy Box eligibility status: You have an exceptional track record of selling and fulfilling orders that meet Amazon standards. You can check your status in Amazon Seller Central by the following steps: go to the Inventory Tab > Manage Inventory > Preferences (a box on the right). From there, select Buy Box Eligible from the Column display list and Save Changes.
  • New items: You sell only new items. (used items have their own Used Buy Box)
  • Available stock: Amazon wants shoppers to get everything they are looking for. Buy Box will be given to another seller with stock If the item in the buy box is sold out.

How to win the Buy box?

  1. Fulfillment by Amazon

Since FBA is run by Amazon, sellers who are using their service can ensure a better score for the shipping time, delivery, and inventory management. And of course, FBA sellers have a greater chance of success than the other sellers when it comes to competing for the Buy Box.

Furthermore, FBA guarantees customers a prompt and reliable service, and the biggest benefit of FBA is that sellers become eligible to offer Prime shipping to their customers, which means they can get next-day delivery and 24/7 customer support.

Therefore, it makes sense that Amazon chooses an FBA seller with a solid selling history to win the Buy Box. Amazon can trust these sellers to make sure customers have a satisfying shopping experience and keep coming back to Amazon.

  1. Competitive landed price
    Many Amazon sellers have a misconception that they need to set the lowest price in the market to win the Buy Box and appeal to customers, but from the psychological aspect of pricing, the lowest price is often presumably a product with poor quality to shoppers.

To increase the chance of Buy Box ownership, make sure your price is competitive including shipping and handling fees to beat your competitors to win the buy box. Many sellers use repricing software to beat their competition on Amazon where prices change constantly 24/7.

  1. Account Health

If you fulfill orders by you will need to maintain excellent performance metrics if you want to compete for the Buy Box. The following seller performance targets you need to achieve for every product you sell, and you can find and monitor the metrics in the Account Health section: 

  • Order Defect Rate under 1%

Negative Feedback Rate

Filed A to Z Claim Rate

Service Chargeback Rate

  • Return dissatisfaction Rate under 10%

Negative Return Feedback Rate

Late Response Rate

Invalid Rejection Rate

  • Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate under 25% 
    Response Times Under 24 Hours at least 90%
    Late Responses under 10%
    Average Response Time

  • Valid Tracking Rate at least 95%
    By Category at least 90%
    On-time Delivery Rate above 97%

  • Recent Customer Rate
    Pre-Fulfillment Cancel Rate under 2.5%
    Late Shipment Rate under 4%
    Refund Rate

  1. Superior customer experience

Last but not least, you are not only selling the product but also providing a good shopping experience. When many Amazon sellers selling the same products with similar quality and price, shoppers will purchase from brands that they have a better experience with.

Exceptional customer experience could include sustainable packaging, on-time deliveries, attentive customer service, and supportive after-sale service. Keeping your customers satisfied leads positive feedback and reviews and the Buy Box.

Key Takeaway

In general, the key winning the Buy Box can be simplified to a simple formula: FBA, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service. The most challenging part is to keep an eye on the other businesses selling your product at a lower price.

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