A Short Comparison Between the Seller Locker Solution, & Other Competitor Tools

Any other service you use, you are leaving 50-80% of the money on the table, and I'll clarify why:

A.                Competitor tools DO NOT COVER FBA OVERCHARGE FEES!

  • No other solution monitors overcharges on FBA shipping fees per unit.. at all. Only Seller Locker does this. This alone could be the biggest source of your reimbursements for many sellers. We are also rolling out storage fee reimbursements in the near future, which will be exclusive to Seller Locker as well.
  • Only Seller Locker covers overcharged FBA fulfillment fees ~ This is especially important if you are a private label manufacturer or have exclusive products.
  • Competitors do not have functionality to compare the true dimensions of your product to the dimensions used by Amazon when the shipping fees were calculated. We’ve seen this as high as $120 off per unit shipped! Imagine if you sold 1,000 units of a product that was $1 off let alone much more!
  • Why does this happen: Amazon tends to over-measure and over-weigh products; or even just take the average dimensions of products sold by other sellers that are similar to your product!

B.                 Only Seller Locker covers inbound shipping discrepancies accurately ~ If Amazon receives less inventory than what you actually sent in; Seller Locker can get you reimbursed for that inventory, and put you in a position to provide the necessary follow up documentation required to win that reimbursement!

  • No other solution is going to do the necessary follow up which is required in more than 50% of cases with Amazon. For example, anytime you submit an inbound shipping discrepancy claim, a majority of the time Amazon is going to request a bill of lading or carrier tracking number for proof that you sent that shipment. When these other services are submitting your claim one time, not following up with you to get the bill of lading or carrier tracking number, and therefore not following up with Amazon, they will become impossible to win.

C. On lost/damaged inventory cases, we see that often times the case needs to be opened 2-3 times before the reimbursement is provided. All other services are a spray and pray approach where they submit any claim once, and if it hits it hits, if not they don't care. Many sellers don't understand this because these other companies keep them off the email threads with Amazon, so they aren't aware of what goes on.

D. Even on cases where some reimbursement is provided, other services will take whatever is given back and close the SKU out. Only Seller Locker alerts you to partial reimbursements where there is money to recover, which is very often. Sometimes these partial reimbursements can trend down as low as 10% of what should be due, and a follow up would be required to go after the balance.

E. Seller Locker software knows to only invoice for cases opened through the Seller Locker solution

Other Seller Locker Unique Advantages:

  • Seller Locker is designed to integrate seamlessly with Seller Central to the point that we even fill in the necessary and appropriate copy for you in the fields that Amazon requires a written explanation. You are telling Amazon exactly what you need to say for each individual SKU that you are requesting a reimbursement on.
  • Seller Locker allows you as the end user to open cases from your own computer
  • Amazon frowns upon allowing third parties to login from your account at their location to robo open cases (Amazon tracks the IP Address and knows when companies are utilizing third party companies in this non-compliant way)
  • What Seller Locker is doing is totally in compliance with Amazon terms and conditions, and in fact, only Seller Locker is approved as a reimbursement software solution that can be found in the Amazon App Store!
  • Seller Locker is so easy to use that cases generally take 30 seconds or less to open, with either a single click, or merely a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Other Benefits:
  • No Sign Up or Monthly Fees
  • Seller Locker only takes a commission on fees that you recover (25%)
  • Other competitors charge as high as 30% commission

How to Get Started

Step 1: Go to https://www.sellerlocker.com/?fp_ref=amdm

Step 2: Click on Sign Up in the top right hand corner (if you are mobile, click the menu icon in the top right corner and it will drop down)

Step 3: In order to activate your account, we need a new authorization token. Sign into to your seller central as an admin and click this link https://tinyurl.com/seller-locker (click through till the end)

Step 4: Click on the MWS Credentials Link under settings and follow the instructions (also attached as PDF)

Step 5: Allow 12-24 hours for the FBA data to sync with Seller Locker, you are all done for now! Seller Locker will go back to the last 18 months to look for reimbursements fees that you could claim back for your business! For massive sellers, the sync time can take up to 72 hours due to the amount of orders.

Step 6: Schedule a time on my calendar for a demo that works best for you:



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